Capital Kairos aims to offer its investors exceptional investment opportunities

Each investor may decide to co-invest with Capital Kairos and other high-level investors. Guided by their experience, the Founders have established an investment thesis focused on companies with a profitable model or in the process of implementing onw, and that have achieved exponential growth.

Investment opportunities

Opportunities that have the capacity to provide a return in the mid-term

Likewise, Capital Kairos offers investment opportunities that, in its criteria, have the capacity to return the investment in the medium term by means of an exit or dividend returns.

Traditional FundCapital Kairos
Investment DecisionThe Fund decides how the capital is invested pursuant to its policies.Kairos presents the best opportunities, and each investor may decide to co-invest in the opportunity shared.
DurationThe Fund’s duration is between 7 to 10 years, which can be extended.The duration of each investment is independent. The return of each investment is independent, and it is not necessary to wait for the maturity of the whole portfolio.
ExitThe Fund decides when and how to exit each investment.The investor may decide to exit at any time it deems appropriate.
Investment and ReturnThe Fund offers a pooled investment and the return depends on the aggregate performance of the portfolio.The investment is presented deal by deal, as well as the return which depends on each investment independently.